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“I like the bigness of it, being on top of a mountain and looking out over this country. I like being connected to the land. This gives me a sense of freedom; I’m detached from the chaos of life.”

D. Anderson, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2004

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Planning your next vacation? Fed up with taking the same trip year after year?

Discover a “down home,” relaxing, custom-designed vacation adventure where
you’ll reconnect with yourself and your family as you plug into open spaces, quiet,
no schedule, and peace.


Weigh All the Facts:

  • Your guide was raised on a remote cattle ranch in Elko County, Nevada.
  • Personal tours
  • Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

The Choice is Crystal Clear ===>

Cowboy John

Cowboy John is your man!

Imagine a vacation that’s peaceful and quiet, yet filled with as much excitement as you want because you design it! With Cowboy John you’ll thrill to “Nevada’s Yosemite,” the spectacular Ruby Mountains, home to mule deer, Rocky Mt sheep, goat, alpine wildflowers/birds, mountain lakes, and streams. You’ll learn about Nevada’s glaciers, and basin-and range topography, and wade in one of the frigid-at-any-time-of-the-year streams, if you want!

If you want a real ranch experience you can choose between luxurious accommodations coupled with a cattle/horse drive, and a primitive line camp in Nevada’s wilderness, or anything in between.

You can walk in wagon ruts from the California trail and see the canyon where the Hastings Cutoff joined the main trail, (the ill-fated Donner Party’s infamous detour).

We can wander through a ghost town turned artist colony, visit unique cowboy museums, watch saddle makers plying their trade, and listen to cowboy poetry and music. We’ll talk fishing, hunting, bird watching, and hiking as we dig into an old fashioned western barbecue outdoors in picturesque Lamoille below the Rubies. After the barbecue we can go for a wagon ride around Lamoille and probably see a few deer helping themselves to the neighbor’s flowers in town!

What if your family vacation were totally different?

Thomas Cannon

Why not thrill to wild mustang horses galloping across an open valley? Why not relax in a turn-of-the-century ranch house with a view from the wrap-around porch of snow-capped mountain peaks and cattle grazing in the meadow below?

I’m Cowboy John. Like you I was part of the “rat race,” trapped in traffic, taking the same vacations every year, until I got fed up. I packed my bags, moved to Nevada and now, years later, I’m designing vacations that mirror the life I now have in northeastern Nevada.

I don’t know you or your family, but I do know thousands of families have been here and walked away happy, with a new closeness between each other because of their connection with nature in this wild, open, spacious country.

Contact us today. Let me treat you as my guest and show you my friends. You’ll leave as a special friend. It will be a vacation experience like none you’ve ever had.

Cowboy John

Cowboy John and Janice Collett

Rediscover nature and you'll rediscover yourselves!

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